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    Winter Dinner Date Tips


    I went on a romantic Dinner Date with my husband recently. And I generally don’t have to overthink what I am going to wear to make the date special; but since its winter I had to ponder over numerous factor before descending upon a choice of a dress. I created a look from my current wardrobe (No Extra Expenditure ha ha). And what I came up with was very practical and sophisticated and ladylike at the same time. So here I am sharing some important tips for you lovely ladies that you can implement during a Winter Dinner Date!

    Let’s start with the most practical tip:

    1. We ladies tend to avoid wearing overcoats while walking from the parking to the restaurant and we think it won’t be that cold ha! And the way we freeze our way into the restaurant <laugh>. Now a practical way to avoid this situation is to carry Two piece of outerwear: One a longer outerwear like an overcoat which you can remove as soon as you step inside the restaurant. And the Second a Blazer kind of layering option as you don’t know whether the temperature in the restaurant is going to be fine for you or not. So, if it gets hotter you can remove the blazer too.
    2. We all love to wear those ladylike dresses; like the once I’m wearing here. Its a soft pink Bodycon dress that has a perfect length which adds the sophistication factor to the whole look. But in winter your inner voice tells you to cover as much as can. But we have a middle way here: Wear your skin colour stockings and you are going to be all fine.   
    3. A very practical tip would be:

    Keep your hands free as much as you can. ( As you can see here in this picture I only went with phone as this dinner date was on my husband <wink>) Well you can carry a small size clutch. The reason behind keeping you hands fee is you would need them to arrange couple of outerwear that you carried with yourself and while you do that you need to put your clutch onto the table and a handbag would occupy much more space than a clutch. Isn’t it?

    Now is the time for the Trendy Tip:

    Try to team up your plain and soft pieces with the patterned and loud ones. This will add an interest to your look and set you apart from everyone else! I wish you enjoyed these tips! Keep romancing and stay beautiful inside out!





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