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The whole world heard the echo of the gruesome act of terrorism happened in a beautiful heaven like New Zealand which I call home too. Yes, it had an ever-lasting impact on my mind. And that is why I decided to get vocal about it. Please rest assured that I’m not addressing/focusing on that ‘darkest day in New Zealand’s history’ in this article but rather  I’m drawing attention towards solution/prevention. I have thought about penning it so many times before: Once when I and hubby were walking on the roads of Dunedin and people staring at us as if we were aliens, once being rejected for a modelling gig because ‘brown skin doesn’t sell’  and too many times in between arguments with the ‘keyboard warriors’. Eventually, I think now it’s high time, I express myself.  

I so wanted to recite this quote when once I was yelled at, “Go back to your country, you Moslem!” from a car passing by.  I was like first of all it’s not ‘Moslem’, it’s Muslim. And not all brown skinned people are Muslims. But people prefer to treat their ignorance like a bliss. You don’t just cover a putstule with a band-aid and pretend it’s not there.You got to clean it up, sanitise and dress it with gauge everyday. The same way you gotta recognise the problem first to go to the roots of it and treat it. And the root of this horrific terrorist attack lies in carelessness of humans. Yes, we care so little about anybody else; but our own selves! We never care about knowing other individuals, their  mindsets, their culture, their beliefs. But instead we choose to assume, judge and thus give birth to misconceptions which outspread and develop into biases, contempt and discrimination. 

Having experienced discrimination/racism  first hand, I’d like to differ with our Ma’m Prime Minister and say, “ Let’s not pretend, we’re one! No, we are NOT one!  Isn’t it the same with family?  There’s no one exactly same in family. We’re all different human beings. And that’s the point of being a human. We’re not clones. (If we were, how boring it would be! Wouldn’t it? ) We are individuals. We have differences: differences in culture, differences in living standards, differences in opinions, differences in beliefs. But it doesn’t mean you’d go and start shooting at someone who doesn’t agree with you. 

It’s human psychology to be afraid of the unknown and put defence mechanism on auto-mode. Even animals do exactly the same and so they attack! Well, animals are not given the abilities to assess, comprehend and understand but we are! 

How about we educate our future generation about all the religions and cultures in schools to avoid such dire circumstances. I can totally vouch for it’s efficiency since I am a Hindu, studied in a Convent and I have a Muslim childhood bestie (She still is! A big shout out to one of the most beautiful souls; I’ve got the opportunity to meet ever! Asharafi ❣️) I have been to Temple, Mosque, Church and Gurudwara and all that comes down to one thing at the end of the day, ‘Humanity’! 

Contempt, hate, domination, religion are 15th century words now! Change is inevitable just like time; so change your mindsets with the changing times. The positive words to be learned this 21st century are: Inclusion, globalisation, equality, multi-culture. Above all, Humanity was in fashion, is in fashion and will always be in fashion! 

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