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    The Day I said, “YES, I’ll date you”!

    This day still is as fresh as yesterday in my heart.. Exactly 10 years back in 2007.. On this day; I was contemplating over all those beautiful moments I spent with you my best friend from 2005 to 2007. Those silly mischiefs, those studious, literary discussions, those motor-bike stunt moments at 70kmph, those real life/future talks and those exchanges of thoughts without any filter and every single up and down that life brought to us! All these flashbacks surrounded my mind like those omnipresent white clouds ☁️ ☁️☁️🤦🏼‍♀️ because I was in dilemma to what and how to answer the question you asked around an year ago. But finally the sun came out of the clouds ⛅️ and, while you were riding motorbike on a road popularly called ‘Lover’s Road’ ( how ironic ☺️)  I was sitting behind you..I garlanded my hands around you for the first time ever and I said, “YES, I will date you once and for a lifetime  and I will akways be your Best Friend no matter what!

    Marrying your Best Friend is one of the wisest decision one can take. Its has more Pros than Cons I believe; especially when you have known your Best Friend and have been with him/her for a decade or more. However, nothing comes with a surety in today’s world and Relationship is a very sensitive and personal topic. But after 12 years of being with my BFF; having gone through all those relationship stages, having experienced the roller coaster rides of life, we have stuck to each other through thick and thin, always got each others back no matter what. With a first hand experience of such a happy and happening relationship; All I can say is whether its a Live-in Relationship, Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage. Your happiness is in your hand. Only the Two people in the relationship are liable for any pleasant or unpleasant circumstances occur in a relationship. And the least thing you can do is take each other for granted and eventually (shockingly) find yourselves in that ‘dead’ or ‘fake’ relationship zone. Everyone wants a ‘Happy Ever After’ but no one wants to go through the gradual stages, the ups and downs and most importantly the courage and willingness to ‘Be Together For Better Or Worse’.
    Relationship is not an Insurance Policy that you bought once and you assume your relationship is immuned for life. Its more like a Plant that needs your attention and care on daily basis. The Relationship Plant grows on a soil of truth and honesty. It needs a fertilizer of love, an air of personal space and nourishment of companionship. At the end of the day ‘You Reap What You Sow’.

    Well, let me be a little less rational on such a romantic day like today and let me wish all of you lovely peeps  a beautiful, amazing journey as this one. 

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