About Sonal

Hello! All you lovely people! Welcome to Food, Fashion and Fun with Sonal ! I am Sonal Bhavsar-Joshi. I consider myself lucky to be associated with both the wonderful countries of the world: ‘the incredible India’ as my birthplace and ‘the paradise on earth’ New Zealand; the country I live in. Well, I am a today’s woman who loves to multitask and be hyperactive. Although I am a Business Woman by occupation; I prefer to call my self ‘an artist soul with a creative wanderlust’ as I want to do it all with an artistic approach. And this creative wanderlust happens to make me an actress, a dancer, a model, a short-script writer, sometimes a director and a blogger who is passionate about life and everything creative, constructive, positive and innovative. And how wonderful it would be if I could infect all the lovely people around the world with this enthusiasm, and a constructive and positive outlook at life!

At Food, Fashion and Fun with Sonal, I share the things I am passionate about: e.g. plethora of Food recipes..sometimes in a traditional Indian way, sometimes fusion and sometimes interesting food innovations. Fashion, styling, skincare & beauty tips –  all the things trendy, hip and unique, Creative DIYs and Best out of Waste, Fun lifestyle stuff and my infectious enthusiasm for life, happiness and everything positive. In a nutshell, I intend to interact with people, learn some and touch some lives through Food, Fashion and Fun with Sonal.