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    ‘PowerDress’ For a Power Event!

    You all have heard of and seen a Power-Suit! But have you ever heard of a Power-Dress? Well then, here I am presenting ladies & gentlemen POWER-DRESS! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ΌπŸ‘‘πŸ’ƒ A conglomeration of masculinity and femininity, toughness and elegance; perfect for a #bosslady who is an #artist too, and a #businesswoman who is a #beautyqueen too. As you all know my particular characteristic of combining two totally distinct pieces and creating a unique and innovative look; this time I teamed up my fave waistcoat from my business attire with a girly cotton-silk Black Dress. And, as per to my funda of ‘dressing event appropriately’ I perfectly channeled my persona through my Power Dress for a Power Event: Miss & Mrs India New Zealand 2017; a celebration of Woman Power. I would like to dedicate this look to all the lovely women who are a little rough around the edges but are real softies from inside.

    Now, when I am talking about the whole look I only could think of  Sandra Bullock from The Proposal meets Mia Wasikowska from Alice in Wonderland. In addition, this look has that adequate amount of edge thanks to the kind of punk jewelleries I decided to go with. The very sleek and sexy Black Choker, some complementing earrings and a similar themed clutch all from Collette. Now you all must be wondering why this edgy look has a touch of gold with my wristwatch. Well, I didn’t want to go all the way edgy; I wanted to add a touch of elegance and class just as my proportionately balanced personality. And my waistcoat has vertical gold stripes in it on the top. Check out some more clicks from the event: πŸ‘‡

    Aselfie is a must while you are enjoying such a wonderful event with some wonderful women! 

    Here, you can see me with the gorgeous organiser of the event, Mrs.Sukhwinder Bhuller. And yes, our widely broadened smiles clearly explains we caught up after a long time.

     Here you can see me with a pure soul and an inspiring woman; hence: Mrs. India New Zealand 2017, Mrs.JyotsnaTrivedi.

    In the next pic I am with another beauty queen from last year; a lovely lady Jasveen Kaur and her loving husband.

    I hope you liked the look I donned for the event. And you came to vitness something innovative and novice! Well, keep expressing and experimenting with your fashion fundas meanwhile. And I will see you in my mext post. Till then take care you guys!

    Photo Credits: Thank you Virgilio Santos @Freelanzer Photography

    Much ❀️


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