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    Paneer Bhurji Sandwich!

    I am pondering over Rain at the moment. ☔️ ☔️  How it plays with us human in different ways. Some people get nostalgic in rain, some get bitten by the bug of romance and some self-confessed foodies like me crave for some particular food objects! And today I craved for Paneer Bhurji for a late brunch. But as always I didn’t have enough time on my hand to cook Roti or something so, I placed it in between my Wholmeal breads and aah..that was some satisfaction!

    While reading this if your hunger happened to get ignited suddenly then check out this link to the   👉 Paneer Bhurji Recipe from my Facebook page. And on a concluding note, I just want to say this to you people, ” Live in the moment, don’t be too tied up with maturity, let loose a little, be impulsive and embrace the life with both your hands with a smile on your face!”



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