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    Online Garba Coaching 2017


    Hi you lovely peeps! I’ve been getting many inquiries about whether I am holding ‘The Garba Coaching Event’ this year or not just like every year? (Last Years Memories 😍 👇)

    Just in case if your’e wondering, “What is Garba?” Then.. Welcome to one of the most amazing Indian Dance Festival: Navratri! Nav means Nine and Ratri means Nights = Nine Nights of Dance Festival. It is celebrated in honour of Goddesses and also to the Women and Women Power as per to the relevant term. But both males and females participate and dance till they drop.  Navratri is a festival where thousands of people dance simultaneously in circles wearing fascinating outfits. Check out some snaps from past festivals.

    Well, I am sorry to break it to the people who inquired about the coaching that I wouldn’t be able to hold the event this year where I personally give out coaching due to some prior commitment every weekends. But on the contrary, I have a fab news that I am thinking about rather ‘Garba Coaching Online’ where more people can be benefited by it. A Garba Guide- Step By Step from the very Basics. Do lemme know how does it sound to you? Keep yourself posted by following this https://www.facebook.com/events/512678509124190/Facebook Event Link

    Eager to swing those beautiful Garba moves this Navratri? Are you a fresher and want to learn Garba from the very basics? Then join this event: ‘Online Garba Coaching Session’ in order to learn this amazing Traditional Gujarati Dance Form. And yes its ABSOLUTELY FREE! The question might arise to you, why am I doing it for free?’ Well, first of all I believe knowledge and art better be shared. And secondly, I like to preserve this beautiful culture through my art by expanding it to the next generation and to wider range of communities. So just like every year I’m holding this fun Free Garba Coaching Session this year too but the only difference is, its going to be Online this year! Please drop me some feedbacks meanwhile. And keep an eye on this event for some probable change .Looking forward to see y’all soon!

    Much ❤️

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