No, I am not going to impose Pink on my daughter!

So, we (I, hubby & baby Mishri) visited bank recently. And one of the ladies there goes, “what a gorgeous little boy you have there”! In my mind, I was like A: Whatta a cliche convo-starter! And B: It’s not a boy; its a girl”! But I chose to apply some filter (unusual of me 😉)  and replied, “ (smiles) It’s a girl. Thank you though!” The lady: “ Oh, I see.. she’s gorgeous” I wondered what made her think Mishri is a boy.. And I realised that Mishri was wearing a Grey bodysuit (unlike almost every baby girl; I generally dress her up gender-neutral.) If the lady was confused she could’ve asked if it’s a boy or girl but she just ‘assumed’ it’s a boy coz it’s wearing grey! 

This got me thinking we humans are so unnecessarily great at typecasting! It’s like stereotyping is the most favorite human thing to do! 

Ehh No!  I’m not going to impose ‘Pink’ on my daughter..I’m going to introduce every single colour & shade of the rainbow 🌈 to her. By dressing her in gender neutral colours and other colours and style I intend to keep that balance between too much pink and exposure to a plethora of colours which will lead her to decide her favourite colour/s for herself when she’ll grow up rather than restricting her mindset to pink!   And its not that I am imposing my ideology on her.. well I do adore her in pink and florals 🌸💝

My Lil Fashionista!


Mishri wearing her first dress at 12 Weeks!

I want her to understand that we are so more than what we look like, how we dress or what our skin colour is…We are limitless! Why do we forget that pink, blue and grey are just colours and last time checked colours are the least limiting entities under the sun; they give you the most satisfying freedom of expression in fact! 


Little Girl, Big Dreams Indeed!

Even her nursery furniture oozes colours, vibrancy and lots of visual stimulation for brain development! 

When will we free our minds from all those ‘unfair to individual’ stereotypes? Why do we forget that the world is full of possibilities? Why don’t we give one another a chance to come out of the shadows of the typecasting and exhibit who we really are! Why can’t a fully tattooed man be the kindest? Why can’t a beauty queen can also be a successful business woman? Why assume that a freelance is always ‘free’? Why can’t a dad be ‘diaper-changing super-hero’? 

When will we realise the world has always been non-binary, gender neutral, non-biased  but we humans have introduced the gender-bias, gender-discrimination starting from Adam and Eve, Ram and Sita to present discrimination between a male and a female especially at work force! Why always blame Eve? Why only Sita had to go through the loyalty ordeal where as Ram was away too? Also, Ram could’ve stood up for her wife and keep her from the ordeal expected/insisted by (third party) other people but he chose not to! All these occurring kept building up,  and finally turned into a stereotypical patriarchy! I know I suddenly jumped onto high grounds from ‘gender neutral dressing’ but pink & blue stereotyping is a seed to the tree of gender-discrimination..isn’t it?

By all means I do not intend to look down on or criticise the parents who often dress their daughters in pink, but I just wanted to express and voice my opinion and experience through this post. Well, that’s what blogs are for. Aren’t they? 

Okie then, I’ll see you in my next post..till then take care you guys!

Much Love,


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