Motherhood: Nonhumanly Multitasking

Hi my Blog Fambam, 

I sincerely apologise for ghosting on you for this long! But I have all the right reasons to do so. Well, I and hubby welcomed a miraculous angel called Mishri on 6th of October 2018 (She’s one of the rare 5% of the babies to be born exactly on their Due Date) Mishri literally means rock sugar, meaning as sweet as rock sugar figuratively; and she personifies her name every single time she gazes straight into my eyes and smiles! In other words I and hubby have  been over the moon!!! Yes, a little overwhelmed as new parents but life is all about learning! Isn’t it? 

We have our hands full; especially me! You’ve always known me as a multitasker but Mishri has risen me to a whole another level! (its almost non-humanly). Besides she is a well-advanced learner for her age. Surprisingly, (looking at me) she’s a taller infant to other infants her age, she started babbling at 8 Weeks and started teething at 10 weeks. All these advancements  not only makes me and hubby more vigilant and concerned parents but also makes every day a new challenge for us that drains us out on daily basis since we’re doing this parenting gig on our own and not seeking family help like most of the Indian couples. 

In Indian culture you’re suppose to expect family support/help (both yours and hubby’s family) raising your kids. (No Offense to the people who do seek family help) But, to be quite honest; yes,the intensity of odds is unfathomable and yes, sometimes you both may loose your minds; but trust me figuring parenting out on your own and learning how to co-handle every single curveball while nurturing an infant; not only strengthens your relationship as a couple but also with your precious little gem as a family! And not forgetting all those little Eureka moments when you conquered the challenges like an ace ( also those moments when you just wanted to scream at the top of your voice; and also those not so private washroom moments coz now you have a little human with you 24/7; even while you’re peeing) 

One of the reasons for choosing the tough path is I get so annoyed with all those UNWANTED advices regarding parenting. By all means I do not intend to say that all the advices/remedies are baseless but urgh.. those weird and absurd ‘old midwives tales!  I mean this is 21st century PLEASE consider walking along the time! Did I come running to you asking how I should raise my child? NO ! This is my journey, my experience, let me learn it, let me earn it, keep your experience with yourself I DO NOT want to know what you did with your child ages ago (a very obvious reason I don’t need your ‘expert advice’)

God knows what makes them think that just by popping out couple of mini-humans they’re eligible for a degree of an Obstetrician, Midwife, Pediatrician, Child Psychologist all combined in one! 

Well, pardon me if I got carried away here a little but this is the result when your passionate detestment and postpartum hormonal imbalance combines!  

But honestly nothing bothers me when I see my little sunshine thriving and oozing positivity all over! Emotional outbursts: Again another side effect of hormonal imbalance! 

Allwrighty, I guess I am ready to share my journey to parenthood (which is eternal now) from the start!  So it means more parenting blog posts on Food Fashion and Fun with Sonal meaning more emotional outbursts 🤣 

I’ll see you in my next one, till then take care you guys! 

📸 Featured Image: Shraddha Joshi, Others: Soulful Memories by Parmeet Sahni

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