Monday Blues 💙

Yes its Monday today, Yes I am wearing Activewear and Yes, I do still have my sanity intact. Well, Mondays are mundane and hectic anyways; this is my way to cope up with Monday and make it lighter. Wearing Activewear on Monday makes sense as Monday is not less then a physically exhausting mission! 💪💪 And also, ain’t nobody telling a Boss what to wear! 😉

Fortunately New Zealand is not so rigid about professional attire/dresscode. Its much much liberal than other countries. Casual Workwear is ever so expanding trend here in NZ; which I just elevated a level up.

Apparently, 💙 is my Monday Colour from Top to Bottom! I wish Monday showers some compassion on you and you all get through midweek very well. Happy Fashion Experimenting!

Much ❤️

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