Mirror Mirror!

Mirror Mirror On the Wall;

Who is the Most Successful of All?

Well.. Everyone wants to hear, “Its You”! From the mirror. But Alas! It takes decades to get even a similar partial answer like above. Especially if you are all on your own. But it doesn’t mean that you’re never going to get your desired answer from the mirror.

In fact, you will value your self-earned success more if you have faced enormous amount of difficulties while getting there. And it will keep you grounded and very well-anchored to life. I would like to go ahead and even say that if you have not faced any difficulty in your life on your own then ‘life’ just a word for you. 

So, let the life happen to you. You just need to embrace it with your open arms. If it throws lemons at you; you better catch them all, and use them (at least you don’t have to buy them from supermarket 😂). 

Much ❤️


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