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I like fashion with no rules, no inhibitions; which lets you be yourself rather than being uncomfortable. If you don’t experiment with your style you will always be ‘protected’ in your ‘safe zone’ and would never come to experience the joy, the excitement of creating something unique, something of your own!

Fashion is so much fun when, you ignore the so called ‘fashion rules’ and mix whole different pieces, harmonizing them resulting into a unique outfit that only you could come up with in the whole wide world!                                                                                                                      

So, here I am incorporating Three totally different types of Fabrics; and not just the fabrics but Two totally different cultures : East & West! I had to attend this Indian/ Gujarati Talent Show Auditions as one of the judges yesterday. And quite honestly, I have run out of Indian dresses at the moment. So, I opted for what I’ve always been doing my whole life: When you have less resources, create what you need on your own that is creative, unique and priceless at the same time! I had this flair sleeved Denim dress sitting in my closet; I picked it up,  paired it with my PU Leather leggings (I am an ardent Animal Lover! And I urge all of you too to not to kill animals for your happiness since they are as alive and breathing beings as you are!) Well, coming back to fashion.. the third fabric I added to this looks is very casual and yet classy! No points for guessing: Cotton. But this fabric has a traditional twist to it. Since I am a proud Gujarati I proudly flaunted the traditional Gujarati work of Tie and Die on the black and white cotton duppatta (long scarf). Here’s my equation of Uniqueness! Denim + Leather + Cotton = Uniqueness! Well, if you’re thinking I am neglecting my beautiful pair of black & white peep toe heels in this ‘Fabric Frenzy’ then you’re wrong! No accessory piece is too small to be ignored; it has its own power when it comes to fashion & styling!

Well, that brings me to my eternal passion for Boho Jewellery! Oh! I so wish I could come up with a more beautiful interpretation for my love of Antique Silver and Wooden Jewellery! I mean look how aesthetically they complement this whole ensemble…like Rain & Bhajiyas (Indian fritters) or Chocolate milk & muffin ( yes, you read it right its not Coffee & Muffin for me; I am a NO Caffeine person) or Kumara Chips & Garlic Aioli …..Sorry about my silly food similes but remember the Blog  title is Food, Fashion and Fun With Sonal! 


And my next point of accessory is the smallest in size but plays a profound role in elevating the whole look. Yes, you’ve got it right! I am talking about the Indian contemporary representation of Woman Power: Bindi! And that too in a vibrant blue colour!  Explore more about Bindi here in one of my previous posts.

I wish and hope you’d be inspired and be more willing to experiment with your fashion and styling; being yourself and reflecting the happiness of being unique that you are! I will see you in my next post, till then take care you guys!

Much Love,




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