East Meets West

As you all know how I love mixing cultures and fashion. I believe I am an Indian from the core and Western from numerous aspects. And so, I don’t believe in giving away anything good from any culture; but keeping them both, and coming up with something unique, creative and innovative through the amalgamation of both the cultures.

In the Fashion zone, its known as Indo-Western Fashion. You already have seen here on my blog often; how an ardent fan of Indo-Western Fashion I am. Just in case if you haven’t then check out this previous blog post of mine 👉 http://www.sonalbhavsar.com/welcome-spring-nomad/

well, in this case I mixed and matched Apparel pieces, but this time I experimented how an Indian Accessory piece creates a fab visual interest when combined with the Western outfit. And that accessory piece is nothing but an Indian Hand-Work Clutch with some utterly beautiful colours and intricate thread-work!

Now moving onto colours! Western Fashion believes in ‘Colours are for Summer’ but I originate from India! Do you think I can restrict myself to utilise colours only in Summer? Well, I personally believe ‘Colours are forever’, Life has shown us a plethora of its colours then, why not incorporate the colours themselves to shield against whatever negative life has to throw our ways! So, I chose this ColourPop Yellow background for my multi-colour Clutch to pop against.

<< d that is the very reason I wore minimal accessories as possible, since I already have a statement piece into my look: Clutch 💡 Tip: Avoid too many accessories at a time. As it divides attention and gives out a confused look. If you have one loud/accessory then the maximum accessory pieces you can add is Two. E.g. Here, I have added my Red Crystal Heart Bronze Chain Pendant and The Bracelet Set! And so, I kept my footwear very basic White Wedged Sandals! Moving forward to the overall look! I chose Retro Denim that oozes Style Statement!

So, this is how I keep experimenting with my fashion! I hope you keep doing the same. And remember mixing two good stuff only becomes better!

Much Love 💖


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