Day To Night Date Look

As you all know I and hubby had a very special day yesterday! 10 Years back I said Yes to date him once and forever.. So this day holds a very special place in both our hearts. So, we ditched our ‘Workaholic Human Aliens’ caps and donned the ‘Post-Graduate Romantics’ ones! And the icing on the cake was a Sunday and a gorgeous, warm, sunny day!   

Since we both hardly get some personal, romantic outings; I wanted to make most of the day and him 😉 and not waste time in getting ready (not that I take much time getting ready anyways.. I am always running short on time.. its always snap, snap, snap 😌) So I came up with this effortless ‘Day To Night Date Look’ with this one common apparel that emits ☀️Summer Vibes☀️ comfort and playfulness during the day and screams allure, class and romance at night. Its nothing but a Camisole Top obviously teamed up with the right clothing pieces and accessories.

Well, let’s get started with the Day Look then!

The sun was shining and it felt like legit summer ☄️ and I and hubby had a shopping spree and lots of walking ahead. So, I wanted to wear something airy and comfy but still wanted to make it look special and not just like everyday due to the importance of the day. Well, as you all know I never get enough of a black and white combo 🤗; I opted for this classy and yet playful white, striped camisole top and black culotte pants both in layered polyester material.
💡Lemme give a little peep through Fashion history about culotte here..the word culotte derived from the French word culot, meaning the lower half of a thing, or the lower garment. And the French word cullote was historically used for (a pair of) breeches and in present context; for panties, pants, knickers, trousers and shorts.
Coming back to the Day Look, I complemented these two cool summer pieces with much cooler accessories: maintaining the black and white theme through my wedged, most comfortable blocked heels ( I can run in them 😁) and my all time fave Owl chain necklace and cute lil owl earrings. Since I love the carefree vibes this antique silver material speaks to me the perfect bohemian; in addition I completed the accessories game by a beautiful bracelet in the same material. Last but not the least my cool as reflective shades added the final stroke of dope quotient to the look. And I am all set to stroll through mall shops and collecting compliments my way from some nice, random people.

We had this privilege of an idle day after eons so we roamed around shops and restaurants hand in hand; the sun finally set and here comes the Dinner Date Look! I quickly freshened up, gave my hair a nicely done look only by clipping two twisted locks from both sides into a butterfly at the back. And since it wasn’t cold that night; I picked up the same camisole top and teamed up with a peachy, flowy maxi skirt which adorned the look with its dressier feel.

I love it when two soft colours like white and peach come together and create fairy/princessy look. Next I added my sleek black strap heels and some elegant jewellery (just the way I like it) in fact, the dangle earrings I wore were a perfect balance between flashy and elegant. However, the highlight for me was this cute little peach bow ring though.

Well, well, well! It means you don’t need to shell out fortune over new clothes all the time you want to look special. You can create/recreate any type of look from the very basic pieces you have in your wardrobe already. Just dress ambiance and event appropriate and you’ve got it right! So, all the very best for your fashion expeditions and as I always say, “A smile on your exterior and confidence on your interior can make you look like a diva even in your sweatpants!”

Much Love,

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