‘Daru Pe Charcha’ – Let’s discuss Alcohol 🍷

    While I was wondering what to Title this blog post my mind came across a very famous Indian phrase called ‘Daru Pe Charcha’ meaning ‘A discussion over drinks’! My twisted mind could not resist but twist it and utilise the diversity of the Hindi preposition ‘Pe’ meaning more as ‘Disscussion about Alcohol’!  And can it get more ironic than to write a blogpost about Alcoholism on a Friday! 😆🙈🥂🍺🍸🍾 (My moment of fact: I just realised there are so many Emojis regarding Alcohol 😮 while writing this) I personally believe that Alcohol Consumption is very subjective. Its just like a food object; if you like it then you have it otherwise not. We are always quick to judge choices of others. Aren’t we? People are taken aback when I tell them I do not consume Alcohol at all. Well, its nothing different than I do not eat peanuts. But the reaction I get by replacing the peanuts with alcohol startles and cracks me up at the same time.

    No offence to the people who consume alcohol by all means! But I do not need any type of exterior help to feel the ecstasy (as its popularly said ‘to feel high’) or to express myself. Nor its like I am bad at ‘self-control’ and I am scared of becoming addicted to it. Aka ‘prone to addiction’. 😂 My reason might come across as weird but I cannot stand the stinky smell of it..Be it any liquor! And No! I do not feel out of place at social gatherings because I am happy with and confident of my choices and preferences.

    On the other hand, Doctors recommend one or two glasses of Red Wine a day for a good health where as, despite of being medically so advanced; Alcohol Consumption is still being looked at as a societal taboo in some parts of India. I wonder, why can’t it be kept as simple as a matter of choice. But also, the reason why its being looked at as a societal disgrace is interesting too. Its because of a proven ratio of people who got hooked onto alcohol and never could monitor the amount they consume; followed by their irresponsible, erratic behaviour which most of the times elevates into violence towards their spouses and family while they are under the ‘influence’. I don’t see any point in spending your hard-earned money on liquor, consuming it over the limits and then behaving like an uncontrollable animal who has no control over his/her senses and end up hurting your own loved ones or being unaware of what’s happening to you as a victim yourself. Hence, I will never ever get the concept of ‘Binge Drinking’! Its just so mind-boggling to me! I mean why in the world you would succumb to something totally irrational like that. 😲🤔 Well, what can I say? Everyone is different and everyone has a different definition of ‘fun’! For some ‘fun’ might be being uncontrollable and almost being unconscious to not to realise that they are not in a mental or physical state of enjoyment anymore.

    In a nutshell, everything is okay and non harmful till its taken in moderation. Just like my custom made Placemat says:

    Any type of addiction is never fruitful except some constructive addictions for love and life! Exactly, my choice of addictions ☺️ And another thing I am highly addicted to is Winning! Continuously Winning in life and at life. No matter how many hurdles thrown at me; I kept winning at life. And still, I am forging on with the same fighting spirit and passion for life and victory. So, choose your addictions wisely and stay happy & blessed always!

    Much ❤️

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      Grazie! 🙏🏻

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