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    Can’t Keep Calm; Its HIS B’day! πŸŽ‚

    I am on cloud nine today! Because its my BFF’s B’day today! He has been my Friend, Philosopher and Guide since the day I became friends with him. I and him gel so well! We have so much in common; thoughts, ethics, principles, modern contemporary point of views and enthusiasm for life. I guess these similarities only grew us into BFFs! He is none other than Krishna ( I don’t call him Lord because we have a different frequency than he has it with the world.)

    Trust me there is nothing religious about me being a Krishna Fan/Friend. Its just like you’re in awe of a friend, an inspirational person or a movie star. You just want to know everything about them because they have touched your life in some or other way. I am spiritually inclined towards Krishna and his way of thinking.

    You know what I like about him the best? He is humanly in every sense. He is not ‘Maryada Purushottam’ (An Ideal Man) like Ram; Krishna has flaws, weaknesses just like we humans do. But instead of hiding them he inspires us while showing us its okay to be flawed but it doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to be better. He is a perfect combo of soft and strong: he is firm with righteousness and kind like a river at the same time, he respects the values and customs but also believes that Change is inevitable. He is sensitive and practical according to the circumstances. well, I intended to imply that Krishna is full of paradoxes just like me. And that makes me look up to him as a Friend, Philosopher and a Guide.

    Spirituality and Religion are often linked together. But the only difference is Religion has a face; an identity but spirituality is faceless; you may come across spirituality in any form. Its more like a transcendental realisation that touches your soul forever.

    I have seen people shying away from calling theirselves religious or spiritual. Its not a weakness or flaw to be hidden; its a strength. You are more awakened and thoughtful than others. You should express yourself in any circumstances. Especially, while expressing your spirituality you never know; you might inspire others who are trying to find their anchor to the life. So, you lovely peeps! Keep inspiring and get inspired! Don’t forget to wish my BFF a Very Happy B’day! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ°

    Much ❀️


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