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Today, my post is dedicated to all the fellow Bloggers and Influencers. They might’ve come across a similar situation for sure. But please carry on the awesome work and keep emitting the good vibes all over the globe!

I have come acrossed judgmental faces while I am posing for photos for my blog. And honestly, it doesn’t affect/upset me even a bit. In fact, I pity them because I know they’re a little unhappy for theirselves from inside, as they wouldn’t be judgemental if they knew the happiness of self-expression!

Isn’t all that we do is to be happy in life? Why would you want to bottle yourself up and refrain from being content and whole. So, let people do whatever makes them happy as far as they don’t hurt theirselves or anyone else. If dance makes you happy; join a class or just dance in front of a mirror. Be it swimming, sports, painting, reading or singing. Follow what you love and what motivates you to live. Share and express it no matter how good or bad you are at it! You never know you might inspire another human being towards following their passion and somewhere knowingly or unknowingly you become a part of their transformation for good.
As a woman I have observed it about almost all women that we always put our family and their happiness and first but you need your portion of happiness and contentment too. Because an empty jar can not fill up a glass.

Let’s make the world a happier place! Starting from our ownselves!

Much ❤️


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