Blankets for Homeless

We’ve been complaining about how freezing the winter is this year! (While sitting in the comfort of our homes) But what about the people who don’t have those protective four walls around them? Only thinking about them gives me chills. So, how about we do our bit as fellow human beings and help those less fortunate human beings with whatever we could do for them.

What can you do?

1) Collect pre-loved blankets in good condition from your friends and family, wash them at high temperature (to make sure they are clean)


2) Contribute towards buying new blankets through my official Give A Little page here!

Once we have enough blankets, we’ll go and distribute them with our own hands.

The funds will go towards buying new blankets. We’ll try to buy as many as blankets so we could help more people out there on the streets.

I do hope that you all could help and support me towards my vision and we all could create a better community together!

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