Autumn/Winter 2018

As soon as we hear Autumn 🍂 🍂🍂🍂 👈 these pop up in our minds. So, no wonder Brown, Beige like earthy colours are the identity of Autumn Fashion! Autumn marks the end of the scorching days and hint of the freezing days. And that translates to the fashion scenario too. 

Although, Browns & Beiges are my all time faves but I clearly am in love with Olive Green  this Autumn.  This Olive Green Bodycon dress screams comfort and class and yet omits some casual vibes. I enhanced this dress more with a beautiful deep red, warm cardigan with minor slits on both the sides. 

The highlight of the look is undoubtedly the Olive Green Polka Dot Scarf! I personally believe that Scarves and Autumn are synonyms and I make sure I incorporate various types of scarves time to time to uplift the whole look. 

And the last but not the least accessories  that screams Autumn are the Sheer Black Stockings which are the call of the season and the Brown Boots 👢 which are my favourite ‘go to’ during Autumn-Winter!

Hoping to nail the Autumn-Winter Fashion? 

Just keep couple of things in mind and you’re sorted! 

🍁 Add in Earthy Coulours to your wardrobe and you’re in a safe-zone. 

🍁Try to come out of safe-zone and experiment with more interesting colours like Mustard Yellow, Deep Red this Autumn. 

🍁 Try to create a colour scheme through the accessories you incorporate into your look.

🍁 The best feeling is to be comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing rather than following any of the ‘fashion-rules’! 

Have fun with styling yourself this Autumn-Winter. And I’ll see you in my next update! Till then Take care you guys! 

Much Love 💖 

Sonal xx


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