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    “Arghh..Nothing Fits Me Anymore”- Every New Mom


    Indian wedding is not a wedding; it’s more like a couple of weeks long festival. And after watching some episodes of ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ almost everyone on this planet earth knows how important dressing up is to Indians for Indian weddings! (Even if you’re just a guest not a host) Every small ritual, every single event is allotted a different outfit. But imagine you only have a very few separate pieces (not even a whole outfit) that (kind of) fits you. What would you do? 🤔 

    So, I, hubby and baby girl  had to attend this Indian wedding recently. And we were invited to the Sangeet Ceremony (Pre-Wedding Dance & Music function) too. And not to my surprise  I was disappointed in my wardrobe. It was like all the baby fat still possessing me, making me scream…”NOTHING FITS ME ANYMORE!!”  But fortunately I didn’t loose my sanity after all. I mean I had been through this ‘nothing fits me anymore’ phase during pregnancy too! So, I channeled my favourite skills of mixing & matching instead of shelling out money to buy 2 sizes bigger clothes which soon will be too big for me. (Joining Zumba soon!!😉)  

    I came up with a whole new outfit from totally separate pieces I have worn in past in totally different ways! I still had a very few pieces that I can wear. e.g. stretchable crop top, Indian skirt with a drawstring.

    The Final Sangeet Function Look

    Well, I haven’t categorised this look whether it’s Indian, Indo-western or fusion look but this undefinable unique look consists of three seperates from three separate places! 

    👚 The Sequined Crop Top (under layer)

    You might have seen this sequined crop top (partially seen through the black high-low top) in  couple of my posts before. I bought this one some years ago off Ebay and since then it has been incredible fun styling it for different occasions. Check out the ways I have utilized this crop top before:

    At my Radio Interview as a Mrs. India New Zealand Contestant in 2015
    As an Indo-Western Outfit during Navratri

    As you can see here I have paired the top with a flared skirt and culottes on different occasions.

    Moving onto the next piece..

    👗 Flared Indian Skirt made of Cotton Silk

    Now, I absolutely love this flared skirt of mine since I can use it in both Indian and Western outfits. I picked up the fabric myself and got it stitched while I visited India in 2013.

    At my Brother’s House Warming party at India in 2013




    During Navratri 2016

    The fist one ☝️ is an Indian traditional and Indian casual fusion and in the next one (it’s pretty hard to differentiate between and Indian blouse and a crop top) but it’s a crop top bought from Glassons. 

    Here comes the third piece.. 

    👚 Semi-See Through High-Low Top

    At a Short-Film showcase in 2018

    Now, I haven’t worn this top a lot so this is the only pic I had of it. 

    And last, but not the least piece… 

    🧣 Indian Sequinned Long Scarf aka Duppata 

    It was a love at first time; the second I saw this fabric in the fabric shop while shopping for the skirt fabric. So, I got it another beautiful colour too. 

    And finally coming to the original topic of my wedding sangeet look; I combined all these gorgeous four pieces and wallah.. here I have my own elegant and unique sangeet function look. 

    Well, while  we are talking about the whole look, how can we forget make up? Make up is an integral part of a look. In my defense, I’d like to say that it’s the quickest smokey eye I have ever done. (All thanks to my 4 months old Hyper-active, sassy diva Mishri) Al though it’s a black smokey eye I think the make up is still subtle and classy (just the way I like it) and not so over-powering or cakey. When you’ll see you’ll realise another thing that accelerated the whole look in a blink are my pop up pink earrings from Roopdarshan, Mt.Roskill!

    So, here’s how I dealt with a little part of my postpartum problems! I hope this will help you in some or other way. I’ll see you in my next post, till then take care you guys!

    Much Love


    📸 Shradhdha Joshi ❣️


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