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    Sprouted Green Gram Beans Stir Fry!

    When you actually had time to cook this nutritious and healthy brunch ‘Sprouted Green Gram Beans Stir Fry’! Extremely easy to make! Recipe:
    1) Heat up some oil in a pan.
    2) Crush some garlic. Add Cumin seeds to the hot oil and then crushed garlic. ( p.s. Garlic is optional) Next add sprouted green gram beans to the pan.
    3) Add a pinch of turmeric powder, red chilly powder and coriander/cumin powder.
    4) Mix the masalas well and add salt according to your taste. Let it sauté it for couple of mins and toss it occasionally.
    5) Finally add some lemon juice. And you’re ready to indulge into this nutritional treat.

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