2018 Morning!

2017 just became history! That makes me wonder another year passed and I have become wiser and more experienced at life. And I wish the same and better for all you lovely peeps around the world! I hope to see more happy faces and no sad incidents worldwide! I pray to make this world a happy and loving place!


At the same time don’t give in to the injustice and unfair. Stand up for yourself and for others when its about self-esteem and ethics. I know being soft and strong is pretty hard to accomplish but empathy ( for ourselves and for others) is what we humans are made of! Aren’t we?

Well, on this thoughtful note; I can’t stress this enough that you can make the people around you happy when you are happy yourself. Which means you got to do something that makes you happy! Follow your heart this 2018! And that reminds me about something that makes me happy: ‘Fashion’!

I ended my 2017 in an ubercool way: donning a vibrant, dressy romper, a sleek and sexy middle-part low bun and of course the inner style-swag!

You know what the coolest part is? I haven’t bought anything new to achieve this look. I just reused my 3 years old sequinned croptop oozing traditional Indian handwork. I wore it the other way round since the sequin work had more exposure at the back! So, sometimes you need to reinvent the way you wear a piece of clothing in order to enhance its plus points. I wore the same top in my Radio Interview as a Mrs. India New Zealand contestant in 2015 paired up with flaired Pallazo pants. Because, I don’t believe in splurging money on lavish clothes but to creatively reusing them in an innovative way!

I also had some ‘not so loud’ accessories but the whole look was definitely turning heads!

I carried the ‘hot pink and black’ theme all way through. From my black choker, and dangle earrings to the black clutch and strappy sandals!

All topped up with the neutral make up, nude lips and my yum arm-chocolate bar (I just made up a male substitute for arm-candy 😂) Hubby!

All I want to say this New Year is: Stay resourceful, stay creative stay focused and stay happy & happening!

Wishing you all a very pleasant and prosperous 2018!

Much Love,


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