Winter Fashion – Office Look

Your Winter Office Wardrobe doesn’t need to be dull and drab with all the Blacks, Browns and Greys. Add the visual interest to your look by incorporating some prints, stripes or patterns either into your inner layer or if you feel adventurous then into your outer wear. Gone are the days of boring office wear!

Here, I am wearing a striped Bodycon dress, and a solid pop up colour Peplum Coat. You could add stockings to this look if it gets colder in the evening. And instead of opting for pumps (since its office look) I went ahead and added a touch of my personal style; and wore boots. Which is practical at the same time considering its winter.
So, try to recognise your individual style and stand out! Don’t feel scared to experiment with your style; abolish your fears and reidentify yourself. Trust me it feels almost like therapy!



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